We are inviting you to be part of something special. Something for Syria is our response to the humanitarian crisis happening in Syria right now.

Just before Christmas, a letter appeared on the BBC website written by a doctor working for the International Red Cross in Aleppo. This letter made us both want to do something. We had an idea to raise money for the International Red Cross and help the terrible situation faced by families not unlike our own.

So we emailed a handful a friends and within 24 hours we had a venue and the beginnings of a grand plan. Wylam Brewery and a host of award-winning chefs agreed to get involved in a fundraising event of some kind. Every day more like-minded friends and associates are offering their support. This is not an ordinary charity event: it’s a show-case of the most innovative talents in the North East coming together to put on a unique night that is doing something good.

Do you want to be part of this event and do Something for Syria?

We are looking for partners and sponsors (brands, businesses and individuals) who want to contribute to Something for Syria in any way they can. To donate your time, resources or a raffle prize please get in touch. Go to Our Partners page to see who has pledged their support so far.

We are also planning fringe events starting right now for bars, cafes and restaurants to get involved with Something for Syria on a city wide level. Please keep checking the website for more details.

For more information, please contact us at somethingforsyria@hotmail.com

Thank you for doing something. Because we believe that one good deed leads to another and another…

Sarah & Anna